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Wedding Dessert Ideas – Vermont Weddings

As we battle the frigid temperatures, it’s hard to imagine that our wedding season will be here in just two months.

As the owner and innkeeper of a historic property, one wedding trend I LOVE is the incorporation of all things vintage.  Last year we had a festive 1940’s carnival theme, a retro 1920’s theme and even a Victorian tea party. Keeping with their themes, both the 1920s and 1940s weddings had extensive penny candy displays.

‘Candy bars’,  as they are affectionately called, have been popular for the past few years.  One couple added it in lieu of favors.  They said it was less expensive, more interactive, and a lot more fun.


Occasionally our couples aren’t ‘cake’ people so they offer a ‘Dessert Station’ instead.  Our Desert Station includes a variety of cheesecakes, delicious chocolate tortes, chocolate covered strawberries and berry tarts.

For our couples who want something REALLY elaborate and elegant, we provide our Viennese Table.  This is an extensive display of miniature, hand-crafted artisanal desserts.  The sweets range from heart-shaped short bread cookies to chocolate mousse piped into marbled chocolate shells.

Other couples want to keep things casual so they pay tribute to Vermont and have a Ben & Jerry’s cart.  It’s surprisingly more cost effective than wedding cake.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wedding cake.  In fact, a frequent visitor to the Inn (a local pastry chef), has won dozens of national awards and accolades for her cake.  Last year she submitted two cakes into a national contest in Washington DC and won both first place AND third place!   Tent Colorful St Phalle

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Photos: Echo Lake Inn, Ben & Jerrys, St Phalle  


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